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VitascaleTM for Social Media Companies

With vitascale™ you gain valuable and unique information about your customers, the support you even more targeted and comprehensive to address the specific needs of your customers. Your customers want to know which innovative sports equipment, movements and training concepts is an efficient workout / weight optimization and rehabilitation possible.

The product vitascale™ you answer this question now even faster, more precisely and help you to provide your capabilities with new USPs. Within 10 minutes and without using a breathing mask you gain important information that helps you to optimize the cardio exercise or weight management of your customers individually. Furthermore, the training with your devices by integrating vitascaleTM safer and opens up the development of new market segments such as Training / rehabilitation of seniors.

High Tech for the performance diagnostics and training support

vitascale™ is a comfortable Head Set system to measure energy metabolism at rest, under moderate or high load. Thus, very costly, uncomfortable and partly inaccurate methods of performance diagnostics are past. As a provider of social networks, fitness and wellness platforms and health portals, you can easy use the cloud and app compatible performance diagnostics, control and coaching as well as incorporate this concept into your own business activities. Thus, you gain important information about the needs and health parameters of your customers. The easy to use device, is self-adjusting and enables you the use without the presence of a highly qualified staff.

Individual Diagnostic and State of the Art Coaching

The aim is to identify the individual fat and carbohydrate burning of customers under moderate load and to incorporate these insights into an integrated coaching cockpit. Thus, for your customer the energy your body has to provide and the most efficient zone for burning fat will become visible. With this information you can describe your customers not only the state of fitness, but also show you in which load they move in the optimum training range.

The device allows you via an App based Cockpit function to update the key findings and include them in every workout. The advantage of your customers or your USP: Your customers gain a precise basis for the development of individual exercise program and improve the endurance performance of retail and this on a level which until now only where only reserved for top athletes in the professional sector.

With regular measurements verify your customers the results of your customers and the integrated coaching function optimizes any time training. Progress becomes transparent and can be compared to benchmark and short and medium-term target. This provides the perfect motivation for the end customers and gives your customers new controls for professional service. Integrate the vitascale™ in your offerings! We advise you on interesting cross-selling options.

Overview of Your Benefits of Vitascale

  • Gold Standard of sports medicine
  • no facemask
  • no disinfection necessary
  • no maintenance required
  • Head Set in a comfortable, sporty design
  • BLE and USB data transmission to all peripherals
  • ultrafast, auto calibrating, maintenance-free sensors for the measurement of oxygen, heart    rate and tidal volume
  • innovative operating and evaluation based on an app
  • consumer ready application without the required medical experts
  • Cross Selling options
  • Pro4senses support: consulting, marketing package, Sports Network, training, service

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