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    Test and Improve fitness level of your customer with vitascale™

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    vitascale™ safely guides your customer through the short performance check

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    Benchmarking, history & training success helps you to motivate your Customer with vitascale™

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    Secure, simple and efficient training with the vitascale™ cockpit function

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    vitascale™ was again elected as one of the best business concept of E-Health application

Product vitascale™

Breathing gas diagnostics for your success!

The pro4senses GmbH developed since 2011 the comfortable vitascale™ headset system for respiratory gas analysis and load control. vitascale™ professionalized the analysis of the energy metabolism of human respiration. This method is known worldwide as the most reliable and most accurate. The individual performance test determines within 5 to 10-minute the metabolism and fat burning rate exactly based on the oxygen absorbed. In the further course of the training, these performance data are used for targeted control of the load.

With this unit each can be individually coached and guided to his personal goals. This applies especially for persons who are interested in sustainable weight loss and / or improve performance.

The device must be not calibrated and not cumbersome disinfected after each test.

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Using the Bluetooth interface allows the data to each SmartWatch, transmit and visualize any smartphone or tablet. This provides a simple and secure connection to the control / regulation of sports and therapy equipment is possible.

The application is very simple. Connect via Bluetooth Your Smartphone / SmartWatch / Tablett etc. with the vitascale™ Head Set system. An intuitive app guides you through the test and training. A database stores the test results and documented training success. This allows you to optimize training schedules at any time. Progress is transparent and compared to benchmarks as well as to short and medium-term target. Thus you effectively motivate your customers.

vitascale™ consists of

  • a maintenance-free, accurate breath oxygen sensor
  • a maintenance-free, accurate tidal volume flow sensor
  • an optional receiver for heart rates
  • a head set with changeable mouthpiece and decorative shell
  • a housing unit with a transmitter BLE
  • app with basis and extensible functions

Overview of Your Benefits of vitascale™

  • Gold Standard of sports medicine
  • no facemask
  • no disinfection necessary
  • no maintenance required
  • Head Set in a comfortable, sporty design
  • BLE and USB data transmission to all peripherals
  • ultrafast, auto calibrating, maintenance-free sensors for the measurement of oxygen, heart rate and tidal volume
  • innovative operating and evaluation based on an app
  • consumer ready application without the required medical experts
  • Cross Selling options
  • Pro4senses support: consulting, marketing package, Sports Network, training advice, service

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